Things you might want to incorporate into your outfit for the whole eighties appeal!

  • The "Off the shoulder" look-- Inspired by Flashdance

  • Jellies sandals-- They were plastic. They were noisy. They were hot.

  • Excercise gear and leg warmers-- "Let's Get Physical" tore up the charts, and people everywhere tore off the layers in favour of spandex and sweatbands and got down with their bad selves.

  • Teased hair-- Perm it, fluff it, hairspray it and then adorn it with chunky clips.

  • Tight acid or stonewashed jeans-- Tight, and we mean tight jeans were all the rage, for both men and women. Bleach was splashed onto the denim to give it a patchy mixture of dark and light colour. Then they were ripped and safety pins added to give the desirable punk/rebel look à la Billy Idol. Throw a mullet on with those pants and you were hot stuff.

  • Neon

  • Shirts with a clip on the side-- Oversized t-shirts were big. Clipping them up on one side with a chunky plastic clip (make it neon, even better) was even bigger.

  • Shoulder Pads-- For reasons we'll never understand, the linebacker look was popular back in the day.

  • Don't Worry, Be Happy-- printed on clothing

  • Slap bracelets

Find the perfect hairstyle to go with your outfit!

  • Feathered, high bangs

  • Asymmetrical, new wave haircut

  • The side ponytail-- Bubblegum pop and valley girl mallrats popularized this 80s hairstyle to epic proportions.

  • Crimped hair

  • The mullet-- Mullets may have received a bad rap through the decades, but back in the day … oh … so dreamy.

  • The rat tail or duck tail

Don't have time to grow your hair out or style it? Order one of these TOTALLY 80s wigs!

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